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George Davy

President, Dormer Laboratories

Why Dormer?

Dormer understands consumer concerns about ingredient safety as Dormer is the leading North American distributor of patch testing materials used by physicians to identify the cause of patient skin reactions. With this knowledge we formulate our products to avoid those ingredients based on available research that may result in skin reactions.

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I use Dormer cream regularly since recommended by my dermatologist. As I age, I have begun using Dormer on my legs and arms, this cream has allowed me to minimize the loss of elasticity and keeps my skin very soft. I've tried other products but always return to Dormer.

– – Doreen, BC, Canada

In the cold months I use this cream morning and night. It protects my skin from the cold Canadian weather. It's a heavier cream, perfect for dry sensitive skin. If your skin is thirsty for hydration this is the cream for you.

– – Mary Alberta, Canada

Have been using Dormer 211 cream for over 15 years as a result of my Doctor's recommendation. She said she has been using it. Have recommended to my sister who has been using it over 10 years. Love the product.

– – Kathy, Ontario, Canada

Dormer 211 SPF 30 is the best I am a marathon runner and it is the only cream that protects me and that does not run into my eyes as the race evolves.

– – Roy, Vancouver, BC